Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is important for students to be successful learners. When a student is absent, he/she misses out on the sequence of instruction and must spend extra time catching up with their classmates upon returning to school. It is mandatory for the children to have a minimum of 75% of attendance to qualify for Annual Assessment and promotion.

Punctuality: Students are required to attend school and classes on time each day. Punctuality is a measure of responsibility and DCIS deems it important that all students learn the value of being punctual.

Late Arrival/Early Exit: If a student arrives late to school or takes early exit  the record for the same must be filled on page 33 and 34 (Student’s Almanac), duly signed by the parents.

Excused Absences: Absence will be excused only on grounds of health, family emergencies and justifiable personal reasons.

Students reporting late to school must obtain permission from school office before going to their class.