Assessment/Examination System & Policies​

Assessment/Examination System & Policies

Student assessment is a vital part of the educational process. Teachers and specialists use a variety of methods to regularly assess student progress on a regular basis. In addition, the following Assessment  procedures are used for checking the Academic Progress of the Students.

Quarterly Assessment 1 July
Half Yearly Assessment September
Quarterly Assessment 2 December/January
Annual Assessment February/March

No re-Exam will be allowed on any social or religious functions. However, for medical emergencies, re-examination will be allowed strictly on the basis of submitting medical certificate and relevant pathology/discharge summary certificate.

Divine Aptitude Test(DAT) : Along with intelligence and achievement tests that measure student mastery of academic content, DAT is conducted to measure a student’s potential for successfully mastering languages and other areas of logical thinking and reasoning. DAT is conducted twice in a year (August & February)